Franco Eleuteri
Specialist Globally Competitive Solutions for the Built Environment

Mr. Eleuteri has developed his expertise over 30 years working with major United States, European and Southern African corporations including management consulting, planning, engineering, construction, and program management assignments.  

This has been with a particular focus on advanced facilities in the fields of research and development, manufacturing-distribution, logistics, sea-air-land transportation systems and the Global Supply Chain.

In his work, he has also acquired firsthand experience in strategic planning, operating techniques and methods in the American, European, Middle Eastern, African, Japanese and Asian environments, with a focus on internationally competitive solutions.

Mr. Eleuteri has considerable experience in working for the private and public sectors in the creation of special use facilities, master developments and transportation hubs.

In addition, he has led the effort for the creation of Airports – Transportation Hubs, Special Economic Zones, Industrial Cities, Logistics Gateways and Transportation Networks in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Specific fields in which he has been involved include:

  • Research and Development
  • Automotive Assembly and Component Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Aviation - Aerospace and Airports
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
  • Agro Industrial including Food
  • Information Technology and Data Processing
  • Integrated Transportation and Value Added Logistics
  • Economic Development

In the field of aviation – aerospace and airports, Mr. Eleuteri’s experience  included projects for the handling of passengers and freight, together with logistics, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.  

This includes such projects as: 

  • Passenger terminals, including remote processing functions
  • Aircargo and logistics facilities
  • Multimodal logistics platforms
  • Flight kitchens
  • Aerospace manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Composites manufacturing plant
  • Line maintenance hangars
  • Heavy maintenance hangars
  • Component shops
  • Engine shops
  • Airport master developments
  • Airline start ups
These projects were undertaken for the public sector including Airport Authorities and the private sector incorporating major airlines, aircargo operators and master developers.

Innovative Competitive Solutions

As part of his work Mr. Eleuteri considers new and alternative concepts and techniques, while addressing operational, facility, organizational and business requirements, with the goal of creating internationally competitive solutions.

This is a result of the expertise developed on diverse initiatives and projects worldwide, including a focus on the reaction of sustainable operational and living environments.

He is a recognized leader in his field having been an invited speaker in numerous conferences worldwide in addition to being referenced in numerous publications and journals.

photography by Claire Giroux