Solutions for the development of aircraft  maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities.


The development of an MRO facility design suited to a Client's specific needs is a function of:

• The aircraft types and commonalities that exist

• The maintenance needs in terms of heavy and/or light-frame, component, engine, interiors

• Creating a hangar focused environment in order to facilitate the work of the engineers and mechanics

• The selection of maintenance docks, either ground supported and/or overhead hung

• The aircraft support systems and utilities that are required including in floor systems

• The alternative structural systems that are most suited - clear span, cantilever/hybrid structure, vault/fabric option

• The building systems including door types, overhead cranes, AFFF, heating/ventilation

•  The aircraft configurations that incorporate nose in and tail in positions and the provision of dedicated and drop in positions

• The utilization of green concepts including natural light, ventilation, the use of grey water systems and renewable energy sources.


The approach used in the development of Next Generation aircraft maintenance solutions is focused on:

• Achieving increased productivity by means of a systematic approach, which integrates; operational/process requirements, facility needs and organizational/behavioral issues

• Creating a hangar focused environment incorporating; multi-level mezzanine, interfaces, boutique in hangar shops, in hangar resources provisioning, and visual management techniques.

• Providing an efficient multi-aircraft capability achieving reduced turn times by means of; flexible muti-aircraft maintenance docks, a hangar focused environment, a materials management system

• Creating a multifunctional environment including attached hardstand and quick turn ramp positions.

This is in addition to addressing those technical issues which are a function of the systems and applications utilized in the new aircraft.

photography by Claire Giroux