Solutions for the development of aircraft  maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities.

Focused on the need for International Competitiveness resulting from:

• Changing Fleet Plans

• New Aircraft Types and Technologies

• Logistics Needs including the Aftermarket

• Quick Turn Requirements

• Increased Asset Utilization

• New Hangar Types

• Multiaircraft Requirements

Achieved as a result of an integrated facility development methodology that addresses operational, information technology, organizational, building, equipment, and site requirements.  

Both capitalizing on existing strengths, and seeking areas for further improvement while creating new facility solutions.

The challenging world economy, with its focus on competitive solutions, requires an understanding of operational, technical, and business issues.

These utilize new concepts and techniques to achieve solutions that are both financially viable and economically justifiable.

This is relevant to the redevelopment and expansion of existing facilities, in addition to the creation of new ones.

As a result, aircraft operators including existing and startup airlines are motivated to continually reinvent themselves, seeking to increase their overall productivity and cost effectiveness while improving their competitiveness.

This requires their Real Estate Departments and Technical Operations to evaluate their existing situation, while seeking new and imaginative operational, organizational, and facility alternatives.

These need to be complemented by a sensitivity to the environment, seeking to reduce energy consumption, while making use of renewable energy sources as a sustainable solution.

To achieve these goals, use is made of all encompassing solutions, that address operational and behavioral issues, which build on existing strengths while seeking to create the most cost efficient built environment.

Innovation - The Next Generation

The evolution of new aircraft together with the present day economic challenges motivates the trend towards Next Generation Solutions in the planning and development of aircraft maintenance facilities.

These address the technical requirements of next generation aircraft such as the A380, A350 and the B787, while seeking to maximize their utilization and reduce their maintenance costs, in addition to creating flexible hangar environments able to accommodate light and heavy maintenance needs.

Traditional concepts used in the planning of aircraft MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) facilities are therefore being rethought, seeking both to increase the productivity of operations and to maximize the utilization of assets.

This includes new techniques for the performing of NDT/NDI activities, the repair of composites and a focus on cabin interiors, with new materials and advanced IFE (In Flight Entertaiment systems).

photography by Claire Giroux